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Colin the Sheep

Colin of the Glen print.jpeg

Colin the Sheep, one of the most influential sheep artists of our time, shot to fame while on his native Isle of Bute, of which he is now the Unofficial Goodwill Ambassador.

He celebrates local areas by creating scenes in which he appears, much like Alfred Hitchcock appearing in many of his own classic movies.

He was a founding member of the pop group The Sheeples, but has since focussed entirely on his art, Batman and eating cakes.

His commission work has included art education instructional aids, pictures of pubs, and family homes. He is currently working on a full themed deck of cards.

Even from his early days, as a fan of Batman and a keen cake-enthusiast, he has immortalised his adventures in paint.

He can be followed on Instagram at @sheeps_island, and his management agent is Stephen Doak.

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